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The Sales and Marketing Agency Specializing in Groups

Group Procurement + Member Benefits + Fundraising Programmes + Employee Benefits + Consulting

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Nice1 offers expertly customised specialist services in member benefits and fundraising programmes.
We’ve spent over 10 years working with businesses, schools, sporting organisations, non-profits and associations. Our group buying power creates attractive discounts on business and household expenses and other routine costs.

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The complete package

We deliver a range of expertise including discounts on household expenses and other routine costs, group insurance covers, health and wellness programmes and more.
Our programmes are delivered under your brand via a fully supported programme with marketing, management including an app and online presence, directly to your employees. The app also doubles as a communications channel for you to deliver your messages such as newsletters, CEO announcements and event notifications or whatever you want.

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Passive Fundraising for Schools

Schools are always fundraising, and it is getting harder to raise the money with busy families and less money to go around. 
Nice1 brings a programme to schools which brings a range of discounts on household expenses and other routine costs which saves the families money. In turn, with the families shopping with the suppliers, money goes back to the school. Simple.


Benefits for your members

Whether you are a sporting organization, school, business association or group of members we can help with a programme to suit. We can deliver a business procurement programme or a simple household benefits programme for your members at the same time earning revenues for your organization. Everybody wins.

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Strategy, Implementation, Delivery and Management

Whether you are a group wanting to leverage your database and get the members more engaged with you and your organization or a business trying to leverage a sponsorship to have the audience purchase your products or services we can help. 
Our focus is sales and marketing and our expertise is engagement of the group with your organziation. We bring a structured and measurable approach to ensure you get the return you are looking for. 
We can provide build, deploy and manage a programme for you and make it work.


True group procurement coordination and management

We bring together groups to procure their products and services. We work with the organization, the members and the suppliers to bring together the best deal for all parties. 
To engage, the members need to be committed to make a change, and be loyal, and then the suppliers will provide mind blowing deals. 
We can work with a range of commons products or services or negotiate industry specific requirements. 
We coordinate the tender process from beginning to end making sure all parties are happy and engaged.

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PO Box 91208
Victoria Street West
Auckland, New Zealand 1142

+ 64 9 9503800 or 0800 4NICE1

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