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Rewarding and keeping your staff

Staff are the most important part of any company. No staff, no company. the challenge today is attracting and retaining good staff. Companies are always looking for best practice to achieve this. Let's help you with this.

The biggest mistake we find companies make is not promoting the benefits the company has to offer. Internal marketing is one of the key fundamentals in creating and maintaining a positive culture within the company. By achieving this the engagement with customers becomes positive and seamless. We find employees are generally unaware of the benefits their company has to offer and do not know where to find them. Promote your benefits and make them easy to find.

People go to work to earn money to live and experience life. Unfortunately today the cost of living is increasing faster than wages. Profit is marginalized due to the competitive environment companies operate in which makes it more difficult to provide healthy pay rises. At Nice1 we offer a programme of discounted household benefits which saves people money on their daily expenses such as power / gas, telecommunications, insurance, etc. the programme is can deliver further savings with employees engaging as a group for procurement of these services. Then there is the company and their suppliers offering benefits to their staff. All in all if the company can help the employee reduce their household expenses this constitutes not only a benefit but a pay rise too.

Other areas companies consider are health and wellness programmes. Having an effective health and wellness programme will;

  • Improve Performance and Productivity

  • Reduce workplace injuries

  • Reduce sick leave - Healthy people save business money

  • Increase resilience - Approximately 3.2 days, per worker, per year are lost to workplace stress.

  • Increase profitability

Companies also consider insurance products as benefits for their work force. These products can range from life insurance, total permanent disability, income protection and medical insurance. Insurance is a good investment from a company into their staff as a tragedy at work not only affects the employee but the wider workforce and the company. Providing an assurance to workers that they would be covered if something happened to them unexpected by their employer provides peace of mind for everybody. Today there are various ways to cover these risk albeit through an insurance company or self insurance. Nice1's partners can help guide companies through the options.

Then there is the power of happy, aligned people to grow your business. Getting all staff on the same page so productivity, working relationships, employee fulfillment and ultimately business performance are all significantly enhanced. This is done by equipping business leaders with authentically deeper understanding of the employees needs, desires, their relationship with the organization, with each other and with themselves. This is something that has started being recognized as a fundamental requirements in the packaging of employee benefit programmes. Happy staff, happy workplace.

In Summary Nice1 can deliver these services as a package or individually. We can help companies achieve;

  • Discounts and benefits for staff

  • Health and Wellness

  • Employee health and wealth

  • Staff engagement and support

It is more cost effective to keep staff than find replacements. Make your company the career of choice.

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