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Establish a COVID-19 Communications and Benefits programme for your staff within 72 hours.*

The current situation with COVID-19 is changing every hour and every day for everybody. Business is scrambling to adjust and plan for the worst. Employees are wondering in general what is happening, and the uncertainty is as contagious as the virus itself.

At Nice1 we have a platform for employee benefit programmes which we have adapted for the current situation so we can build and deploy a platform quickly to provide a communication tool for staff updating them as regularly as you want.

The initial set up of the Nice1 App and website for your company would include the App in your own branding with.

· COVID-19 updates from your company

· Instant notifications so you can advise staff of updates

· What to do with your kids – with schools closed and sport being postponed some ideas of what you can do with them to keep them off devices!

· Stay active – ensuring staff are keeping healthy and exercising,

· Working at Home Hints – not everybody knows how to work from home so some hints and habits people can use to help with the change.

· General company announcements – General announcements to staff

· You will be provided with a dashboard to manage your content and announcements OR we can do it all for you.

· Connect with for the latest information updates.

· Useful links – there are companies mobilizing with a range of tools to help people cope with COVID-19. Areas such as mental health, things to do, physical health, etc. The site will have updated links when relevant.

· Staff Benefits – with our current suppliers offering a range of discounts and benefits for general household expenses. We have mobilized our procurement team to create a category of suppliers who will do home delivery of a range of services.

We can deploy an App within 72 hours and a supporting web site shortly after.* The App will be customised with your company branding and colours. You will be able to manage it remotely and upload the latest information instantly. You will also be able to send out push notifications to staff phones to alert them of the latest company updates.

We will manage all the information updating apart from your own company announcements. We can do this for you too if you send us the info or you can do it yourself.

The cost for deployment of the COVID19 package will be $3,990.00 for set up and deployment and $299 per month for hosting and support. These prices do not include GST.

* deployment within 72 hours is subject to demand. When enquiring we will confirm the deployment time frame.

To start the process you can call 09 950 3800 or 09 950 3801 email or visit the web site

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